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What Are the Best Types of Crawl Space Vapor Barriers?

Crawl space water vapor barriers provide a very important function, safeguarding your crawl space from damage resulting from too much moisture exposure. As with any product designed to protect your crawl space area, you’ll need to think about some important factors in making your choice.

Carefully thinking about the job you want your vapor barrier to perform over time is crucial to protecting the integrity of your crawl space.

What Does a Vapor Barrier Do?

The most important function that barriers perform is keeping out excess moisture. Reduced air quality and opportunities for mold to thrive are some effects of moisture in your crawl space, among other things. Involving crawl space experts early on to resolve the excess moisture issues will save you a lot of trouble.

In addition to wood rot, the wood in your crawl space can experience warping, dry rot, and pest damage. Barriers can help prevent these issues from recurring, which will help you save money in the long run.

Vapor barriers are one of the most effective forms of waterproofing. Specialists who handle these types of installations will also take whatever other measures are necessary to further protect your home.

Crawl Space Water Vapor Barriers Need to Be Installed by Professionals

When you have crawl space water vapor barriers installed, it is important to have the work performed by professionals. Many homeowners know about the importance of placing these barriers in crawl spaces. This is not a DIY task in any way.

The best installers are certified by vapor barrier manufacturers. What this means is that the professionals understand what is involved with the process and how to make sure things go smoothly. Some of the tasks that are an important part of the installation process include:

  • Removing any debris present in the crawl space
  • Tacking up insulation, ductwork, and loose wires
  • Installing the vapor barrier itself

Why is the 10-Mil Barrier Highly Recommended?

Many homeowners are curious about why the 10-mil poly vapor barrier is the barrier of choice for contractors. After all, 6-mil has long been a popular choice that fits many property owners’ budgets. The material is sturdy and durable enough to seal out moisture in most settings.

Although encapsulating crawl spaces with 16-mil materials is possible, the benefits have often been considered minimal. As one example, the results of using this thicker material were nominal, at best. There was also a substantial price increase that many did not consider worth the money for a minimal benefit.

Many homeowners, however, have a preference for 10-mil and will request it when they need a barrier for their crawl space. Falcone Crawl Space, for example, upgraded its vapor barriers to 10 mils for the same price as 6 mils. The demand for this thickness shows that it is here to stay.

Best Types of Crawl Space Vapor Barriers: What Should You Look for in a Crawl Space Professional?

The most important thing that matters is expertise in all things that concern crawl spaces. Although many contractors try to handle as many aspects of home repair as possible, not all have the unique qualifications required to work on crawl spaces.

Professionals who specialize in crawl spaces have the necessary experience to help them handle any situation. Every home has slightly different crawl space issues, and professionals with specialist experience will know how to deal with all these issues.

Choosing the right people for the job will allow for a smoother experience overall. If you are interested in learning more about crawl space vapor barriers, contact Falcone Crawl Space for more information.