Fix and Prevent Water Damage


After excavating, repairing any cracks, and applying waterproofing materials, our experienced crews install an exterior drain and backfill with gravel.

Wood Rot

Wood members inside your crawl space are subject to moisture damage, pest damage, dry rot, and warping. Our carpenters are experienced in replacing all components of a floor system, including bandsill, girders, joists, and subfloors.


Moisture in your crawl space can lead to unexpected problems. It can lead to mold, reduced air quality and can rot your flooring and foundation. The experts at Falcone Crawl Space can remove the excess moisture and resolve the issue before it leads to anymore problems.

Crawl Space Encapsultation / Vapor Barrier 

A plastic vapor barrier belongs under most homes with crawl spaces to keep soil moisture consistent and prevent vapors from rotting your wood floor system.

At Falcone, vapor barrier installations are led by Falcone Certified™ Vapor Barrier Installers. The service includes: removing debris from crawl space, tacking up loose wires/ductwork/insulation and installing a 10-mil poly vapor barrier on the soil throughout your crawl space.

Why Use 10 Mil?

Why use 10-mil? Six millimeters is more than enough to block vapors, and the material is durable and sturdy. Sometimes more is just more! We found that the benefits of encapsulating your crawl space with 16-mil plastic were nominal when compared to 6-mil, and the price increase was significant. However, so many homeowners asked about 10-mil that we decided in 2016 to upgrade all vapor barriers to 10-mil at the same rate we used to charge for 6-mil.

If you would like a quote for Vapor Barrier for your Crawl Space, please contact us at (704) 719-1198.

Another service to consider along with a Vapor Barrier is the ATMOX Crawlspace Ventilation System.