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We Provide Free InspectionMaintenanceFoundation RepairStructural RepairEncapsulationWaterproofingMold Remediation

We Provide Free InspectionMaintenance Foundation RepairStructural RepairEncapsulationWaterproofingMold Remediation

A local, family-owned company providing foundation repair services throughout the Carolinas for decades. We offer foundation and structural repair, crawlspace encapsulation and waterproofing, mold remediation, and more!

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We are the North and South Carolina crawl space repair and foundation repair experts you need. Our local crawl space experts can help you diagnose virtually any commercial or residential foundation repair issue. If you are looking for crawl space help in Charlotte or the Carolinas, Falcone is the one to help you.

Free Inspection

Annual Maintenance

Foundation Repair

Structural Repair

Encapsulation & Waterproofing

Crawl Space Mold Remediation

Helical Piles

Garage Lintels

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The free inspection is an educational opportunity. Falcone isn’t there to push you into purchasing, they are here to guide and advise so that you have the right plan for your unique home.

The crawl space is the area most people neglect in their residence and not a typical place for the homeowner to go. Let the experts at Falcone keep your crawl space in its best condition year after year. Annual maintenance is the way to go.

If your foundation wasn’t there, you’d be sinking into the ground. That’s why it’s important to ensure your foundation’s integrity. Foundation repair is integral for maintaining a good home.

Think of the structure of your home as your skeletal system. If you don’t take care of it, it will fall apart. Need we say more? Learn more about keeping your structure healthy.

These two go hand in hand. Waterproofing, as an umbrella term (pun intended), is making sure that your crawl space or basement is resistant to the penetration of water. Encapsulation, on the other hand, involves creating a barrier or protective coating around a material or structure to isolate it from external elements, including but not limited to just water.

Mold just happens in crawl spaces and basements. They are not “blue zones” by any means. They are damp, dark, and make great places for mold to take up shop. But having mold in your home, breathing it in, can pose serious health risks. Be proactive and protect your family’s health.

Helical piles are like giant screws for your home's foundation. They're a sturdy and cost-effective solution that helps prevent settling, especially in areas with tricky soil conditions that exist in the Carolinas.

Older homes with garages or even homes’ garages that weren’t built soundly the first time can be susceptible to lintel sag. If not taken care of that lintel sag can cause brickwork to literally tumble from the house. Garage lintels, LintelLift, adds that need support.

About us

Who we are

At Falcone, our commitment to our craft is reflected in everything we do. Our crews not only know how to provide expert service and repairs, but they understand the why. With a deep knowledge of foundation and structural issues, we strive to help Charlotte homeowners diagnose problems and learn about their property. Just like your home, everything depends on a strong foundation. As a local, family-owned business, we take pride in serving our community and ensuring that every home receives the care and attention it deserves.



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Want more info? We have you covered. Take a look at our financing options, download our brochure, or check out our latest blog post to learn more about all things crawl life in Charlotte and all over the Carolinas.

Our mission

Solidifying Your home's future

Your highly-trained crew members will be employees of Falcone Crawl Space, not subcontractors. Everyone you see in a Falcone uniform is a full-time employee who shares the Falcone values.

Safety is a top priority for our crew. We work hard to keep our employees and our customers safe from start to finish.

We are the premier drainage and structural repair company in the Carolinas.  Our team are qualified experts in all of our service areas and dedicated to getting the job done - and done right.
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The Crawl Life



We strive to deliver the best quality work and customer service possible on each of our jobs, no matter how big or small, no matter if they occur in a big city like Charlotte or a small city like Concord, North Carolina. Every job is just as important to us.

Blackwell Farms
Blackwell Farms
These guys are the best ! Would highly recommend them to anyone needing foundation or crawl space repair ! Have already referred them to several friends ! Eric and Tyler will get you taken care of , they are great people and will get the job done ! They represent this company well and should be well rewarded for their hard work and dedication !!! Thanks again ! Dwayne & Cindy Blackwell. Blackwell Farms
Maureen Beurskens
Maureen Beurskens
Our crawlspace was a mess. Will Dancy came out to quote the job. He was thorough and professional. He answered every question either by email or text within minutes. Even after I signed on with the company, he stayed in contact and made sure to the end that we were satisfied. The quote was very competitive. Ike and the team who did the job paid careful attention to detail. Leslie and anyone I spoke to in the office were available and professional. If you want your crawlspace done right, this is the company to go with. The employees that I met seemed pleased to be working for this company. I am so glad friends recommended them!
Hoard Law
Hoard Law
Falcone is responsive and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to crawl space repairs and improvements.
Ryan Bauer
Ryan Bauer
Falcone did a fantastic job helping an idea of mine come to life. Our lot slopes away in the back of the house so our crawl space under our screened in porch is a full standing height room. I wanted to install a door so we can access this area for storage. Caleb came out to quote the job and was the most thorough of the companies I had reached out to. Anita was super communicative and helpful in getting the work scheduled quickly. Jeremy, Patrick and Jordan completed the work and did a great job cutting a hole in the foundation, framing it, installing the door, and finishing it up by mortaring around the door and sealing up any gaps. The communication from everyone throughout the process was fantastic and I was very impressed. I really appreciated that Jeremy came back a 3rd day to do some finishing work and make sure everything was perfect. It can be a little nervewracking having a hole cut in your house, but I couldn’t recommend these guys enough. I am very happy I decided to go with them for the work and will be actively recommending them to anyone that asks.
Philip Justen
Philip Justen
In 2020 I hired Falcone to waterproof my finished basement, as I had problems with water coming in during especially hard rains. They put in a french drain and waterproofed the exterior of the foundation and guaranteed the work for 50 years. Unfortunately this did not completely take care of the problem, and I had to call them back in January of 2024. They honored the guarantee, and installed a drain and sump pump in the interior of the basement at no additional cost. At the time of this writing, we haven't had a big enough rain to really test the system, but I feel confident that it will work. The also let me know that if there was still a problem, then they will be back to take care of it. I very much appreciate the peace of mind their ongoing support provides me. Also, I could easily get in touch with them with questions and for updates, and Leslie was a pleasure to work with. When Randall and his crew came to do the work the second time, I was amazed at how clean they kept the work space and how efficiently and politely they completed the job. I was, of course, initially disappointed that the original work did not fix the problem after the money I had spent, but I can say that this company truly made it right. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for this kind of work.
Kathy Lawrence
Kathy Lawrence
awesome job very professional polite and curious all done in timely manner
Joe Moore
Joe Moore
Falcone Crawlspace did a great job and from my experience a well run company. From the initial inspection, on site installers, and the back office everyone did a great job and the communication was excellent!
Preston Furr
Preston Furr
Eric and Tyler were absolutely fantastic. Not only did they go above and beyond with the work promised, but they did so in a timely and professional manner Eric also walked me through everything they did, and explained everything to me so that I could see and understand what was happening. I cannot recommend Falcone, and Eric and Tyler enough!
Tanner Drum
Tanner Drum
Eric, Pete, and their crew were amazing to work with and very professional. They were upfront, honest, and transparent throughout the entire process. They also did amazing work and were very thorough. I would hire them again, if needed, and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing foundation or crawlspace work.
Trevor Stephen Lewis
Trevor Stephen Lewis
Rex, Greg and team at falcone were superb. They completed the work very thoroughly and did their best to expedite the work. Rex was knowldgabek as were the rest of the team and they were able to answer all the questions I had. They were also flexible in allowing me to add additional features during the installation. So far so good and would definitely recommend.

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