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The Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

What are the benefits of crawl space encapsulation through a professional contractor, like Falcone?

Crawl space encapsulation, one of our primary services, gives you the chance to secure that neglected area under your home from moisture, pest intrusion, and more. We’d like to remind you how this works, and why you should consider it if you’re having trouble.

Important Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Ultimately, the primary benefit to this service is to eliminate the common crawl space problems that homeowners experience in North Carolina and South Carolina. Those would include . . .

  • Heavy Humidity & Fungal Growth
  • Pest Intrusion – Termites, Carpenter Ants, Rodents, etc.
  • Crawl Space Flooding
  • Sticky Windows/Doors
  • Foundation Heaving
  • Leaks and cracks caused by excessive hydrostatic pressure

Our encapsulation and waterproofing process, which involves installing a sturdy, 10-mil vapor barrier, can address and prevent problems like these. Here’s the gist of how this installation works.

How Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Work?

What is crawl space encapsulation?

This is where our certified installation crew surrounds your crawl space area with a plastic vapor barrier to seal off moisture and other unwanted elements. Encapsulation helps keep out debris and foreign material, we also secure any loose wires/ducts, and block soil moisture with a 10-mil barrier. This will also involve any necessary repair work to address cracks and drainage insufficiencies.

Other Great Reasons to Consider Encapsulation

  • We utilize a 10-mil poly vapor barrier rather than the conventional 16-mil approach. While this may seem like inferior coverage, it offers just about the same barrier resistance, and costs far less. In other words, it’s a much greater bang-for-your-buck.
  • Have you had trouble with poor airflow and higher energy bills? This is another tangible benefit to sealing your crawl space and taking measures to improve ventilation.
  • Many homes suffer from wood rot along their floorboards, which can cost a fortune to address. Crawl space encapsulation prevents this problem from recurring.
  • What about mold and fungal overgrowth? These are serious problems for humid climates throughout the southeast, and your crawlspace is a breeding ground for harmful bio organisms. Therefore, if you can mitigate the moisture level, you’ll inhibit all that horrible mold.
  • By fixing a weakness on your property, it’ll go a long way in making your home more marketable. Many houses fall into the category of “money pit” or “fixer-upper” because of foundation issues like these.

Do You Need Vent Fans and Dehumidifiers?

Some of our residential clients ask us whether it’s worth the time to install crawl space vent fans. In most cases, this is a pretty solid idea because it will introduce better airflow into an otherwise damp area with poor ventilation. Don’t forget that this plays a substantial role for the rest of your home as well.

Falcone installs what we call a ventilation and dehumidifier system from the ATMOX company, which not only stimulates airflow and reduces moisture but also monitors crawl space conditions. This gives you the best chance of making the most of the encapsulation efforts. Just make sure you have a professional install this, too, otherwise you may inadvertently allow pests into the crawl space.

Enjoy Many Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation by Hiring the Falcone Team

Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair offers a range of comprehensive foundation maintenance and waterproofing solutions for NC and SC homeowners. So, if you own a home in Charlotte, Asheville, Raleigh, Greenville, or several other locations, we can help you secure your foundation.

What do our previous clients have to say about our workmanship?

Well, you can see from our Google Business Profile that we maintain a stellar ranking as we close in on 300 reviews. We’ve earned that through several years of warranty-backed waterproofing services throughout the region.

Contact Falcone anytime to experience the real benefits of crawl space encapsulation for your home.