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Signs You May Have Foundation Issues In Your Crawl Space

Foundation issues always seem to happen at the worst possible times. Sometimes the signs that you have foundation trouble are so hard to miss that they make you feel as though you’re in a major crisis.

How bad your foundation issue is and how the contractor you choose will make a difference in the course of action. Read on to learn more about foundation problems in your home.

Problems Unique to Homes With Crawl Spaces

Foundation problems aren’t the same in all types of homes. For example, some foundation problems are more typical of homes with concrete slabs.

Crawl space foundations operate differently from slab foundations. Although some foundation issues apply to slab and crawl space foundations, other issues are more typical of homes with crawl spaces.

Diagonal Drywall Cracks Can Signal Foundation Issues

Diagonal drywall cracks in door and window frames are among the most common signs of foundation issues in crawl space homes. Foundation settlement is always the primary cause of this issue.

These cracks start in the corners of the door and window frames that lead away from the opening. In door frames, these cracks start at the top, and in window frames, they can occur at the top or bottom.

If your home is older, your interior walls may feature non-drywall materials. When contractors repair these cracks, they will make sure materials up to code are used.

Door Fit Issues Are Another Sign to Watch for

If you have doors that;

  • Get totally stuck
  • Are misaligned
  • Refuse to close, latch or lock

When these types of issues occur, the door frame is out-of-square, sometimes evidenced by cuts on the bottom or top edges of the door. Doors that are out of alignment have been cut to fit instead of properly repaired by contractors trying to save money.

The underlying foundation problem needs to be addressed for these doors to become properly functional again unless there is another cause, like failed hinges. A crawl space contractor will be able to accurately diagnose the problem.

Watch for Issues with Your Flooring

If your floor is not totally sturdy, this may indicate problems with your crawl space. Floors that are bouncy, loose, or result in items rattling when you walk by are indicators of problems. If your floor has humps, this is another warning sign to watch for.

Expansive soil may contribute to a loosened crawl space structure. Individual areas of the structure shifting or becoming dislodged will likely affect the other parts of the structure.

Ruling out plumbing leaks, termite or other pest damage, and wood rot is essential. Keeping all parts of your crawl space structure secure is necessary to ensure it stays in good shape.

How to Handle Foundation Issues

In many homes, there will be more than one sign that your foundation is in trouble. Although multiple issues could give you a clear confirmation, it is still troubling to see them just the same.

Although you know there are problems present; you will need the help of a foundation contractor to know your next steps. You might wonder about the urgency or maybe about the cost. Knowledge is power with any important issue that affects your home.

The right contractor will work hard to make sure you make the right decision. Although repairs are important, you need to be sure that your decision is the right one.

If you’ve decided you’re ready to have your foundation repaired, you won’t go wrong with choosing Falcone Crawl Space. Contact us today about your foundation issues to determine your next steps.