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Say Goodbye To Lame Safety Meetings

“We used to buy the same boring “tailgate talk” safety program as everyone else. A different team member would get up each week and read from the page, then anyone who could endure staying awake at the end of the 10 minute read-aloud would sign their name to the bottom of the page,” explains Melissa Falcone, General Manager of Falcone Crawl Space.

Knowing that these dull safety talks were ineffective, the Falcone leadership team began incorporating YouTube videos and hands-on demonstrations in the weekly crew meeting.

“Our operations manager, Carl Hamilton, has taken this goal to the next level, and now our warehouse has a stage, large screens, and a sound system so these meetings have all the components to keep team members engaged,” Falcone continues. “Not only do I think the team learns more, but no one is late to these weekly meetings. They can’t wait to see what Carl has planned for the event!”

At a recent meeting, three different team members came up to cut and rip down a board on saw horses in front of the stage, and while Hamilton coached next to them and the rest of the team tossed the Falcone-green colored Catchbox microphone around to take turns offering positive and negative feedback to their teammates.

Falcone Crawl Space maintains an excellent safety record, and improving the effectiveness of its safety training for new hires as well as continuing training weekly for the entire repair team remains a priority.