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Why Does My House Have Window and Door Frame Cracks on the Wall?

If you’ve noticed window and door frame cracks in your home, you are far from alone. Sometimes, you might even notice the frames of your windows and doors having a slight tilt.

Most of these types of issues have their origins in foundation settlement and moisture issues. Knowing which issue is most likely to have caused the cracks will give you a clearer picture of what steps you need to take.

How Can You Tell if Cracks Are Caused by Foundation Settlement?

Foundation settlement is one of the top causes of cracks by far. Some of the other problems commonly associated with foundation settlement include:

  • Cracked glass that may involve a single pane
  • Doors and windows that are harder to open
  • Door and window frames that lack a square appearance

Expansive soil types, like clay, sill, loam, and poor-quality fill soils, are among the most likely suspects. The biggest problem with expansive soil is that it is non-load-bearing, which leads to settlement and sinking.

Settlement places extra stress on the home framing and makes it tilt. The framing might seem out of square or crooked and possibly crack.

What Are Some Solutions for Window and Door Frame Cracks Caused by Foundation Settlement?

Window and door frame cracks caused by settling are most often resolved by having the foundation repaired. One of the most popular solutions is underpinning using helical piers. A crawl space specialist will find the best solution based on the challenges that your home is facing overall.

There are often other signs and symptoms at work besides cracks that are not as obvious. A detailed inspection by a specialist will help ensure that these issues get the care that they require.

Are My Cracks Caused by Excessive Moisture?

With North Carolina often having high humidity levels, there is a high likelihood that the wood in your framing has moisture damage. Some of this damage is caused by swelling when the moisture level is high and shrinkage when the water evaporates.

During these cycles and expansion and contraction, your home’s framing is under a lot of pressure. The window and door frames may get cracks because of this pressure. Framing trim is especially vulnerable to moisture-related cracking.

Some of the factors that may play a role in moisture-related frame cracks include plumbing leaks, rain or snow, temperature, and humidity levels.

How Do You Tell if a Moisture-Related Framing Crack is Leak-Related?

Many framing cracks caused by moisture are considered more of a cosmetic issue than a structural issue. In many cases, controlling your temperature and humidity levels will help mitigate the problem.

However, one exception is when the crack has most likely been caused by a leak. If the crack has any discoloration, this is a fairly certain sign that a leak is involved. Checking your roof area and pipes for signs of a leak can help give you the answers that you are seeking.

What Should You Do if You Have Window and Door Frame Cracks?

Knowing that most framing cracks are caused by settlement or moisture gives you a better idea of how to resolve the issue. The mitigation and repair methods can make it easier for you to make sure you address the issue properly the first time.

Choosing professionals who know how to manage crawl space and related issues is essential. Getting to the bottom of the cracks you are dealing with should always come as a relief. Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair has all the tools you need to make sure your window and door frame cracks are fixed; contact us today for more information.