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The Average Cost of Crawl Space Wood Beam Replacement

What goes into the cost of crawl space wood beam replacement for residential homes?

This is a crucial fixture, one that supports the very floors where you walk every day. If it goes into disrepair, the consequences can be severe (up to and including floors collapsing). We’ll explain what the wood support beam is, what it does, and when to consider a replacement.

What is a Crawl Space Wood Beam?

The wood beam (or support beam) has the responsibility for supporting your floor joists, which is normally where the insulation goes, directly beneath the subfloor. These support beams come from wood most of the time, but you’ll find homes that use concrete or steel. Your home’s crawl space may also have other posts, pillars, and stabilizing piers, all of which serve an important purpose.

Average Cost of Crawl Space Wood Beam Replacement

What do replacement beams typically cost?

The main reason we can’t quote an exact price is that it would depend on the size of your property. Support beams are like everything else in construction, the pricing comes in units of cost-per-square-feet. The other tricky part is that natural wood (if this is what you prefer to keep) has the greatest price variation.

As you may know, lumber costs have been pretty volatile over the last couple of years. While laminated veneer lumber (the least cost-prohibitive) may go for about $3 to $12 per-square foot, natural wood (depending on quality) goes anywhere between $5 to $90 per unit.

Outstanding Warranty Coverage

Of course, whenever we speak of a project of this magnitude, it has to include sufficient warranty coverage. If you find a contractor who won’t offer favorable warranties, then you shouldn’t hire them.

Falcone, however, guarantees a full 30-year transferable warranty for replacement beams. This means the guarantee remains in effect even if you sell your home to someone else.

Advantages of Investing in This Critical Upgrade

There are significant advantages to exploring these kinds of upgrades because they can address some of the common crawl space issues you’ve encountered (or will encounter).

  • It’s Essential – Like we’ve mentioned, if things deteriorate enough, you might not have an option here. Your floors need some of these components, or you’ll sink right into the dirt.
  • Address Cracks – You can only let those cracks (vertical or horizontal) go too far before they compromise the entire beam. It’s imperative to replace the beams no later than once they’ve reached the width of the beam.
  • Eliminate Mold Trouble – There are different ways it may deteriorate (including termite damage). One of the worse issues for wood beams and other crawl space components is the potential for mold. Once mold gets too far out of hand, replacement may be your only resolution. If you’d like to learn more about that, though, we also offer a Mold Wash & Mold Guard Service for our customers.

Call Falcone Anytime for More on the Cost of Crawl Space Wood Beam Replacement

So, while we can’t really give a specific cost estimate in a generalized blog post, it is possible to get that when you meet with us personally. Every task we perform involves an initial consultation where you get to meet with our crew and have a specialist look at crawl space conditions. This gives you the chance to ask questions and determine whether a problem truly requires full replacement.

Falcone offers the best workmanship for every job we do. You can also rely on our crews to arrive on time and accomplish the task efficiently.

Contact us today to speak to a representative for a price quote on the cost of crawl space wood beam replacement in North Carolina.