Beam Replacement

Crawl Space Beam Replacement

Searching for crawl space beam replacement services in Charlotte, NC? Replacing crawl space components is complex, and not a do-it-yourself task. The crawl space specialists at Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair can install additional supports when your floors sag and can replace rotted structural members due to termite or moisture damage. No other foundation repair company in North or South Carolina replaces as much rotted beam as Falcone Crawl Space; this is our specialty.

Your North Carolina Crawl Space Beam Installation Experts

Your on-site crew leader will have completed extensive classroom training in building systems and proven themselves in the field by replacing over 5,000 linear feet of band, still, girder and joists.

Wood members of crawl spaces are subject to moisture damage (rot), pest damage (from termites, carpenter ants, etc.), dry rot, warping due to being over spanned. If the rotted wood and its cause are not addressed, wood keeps rotting away, getting weaker and weaker. All crawl space wood replacement will be backed with a 30 year transferable warranty.

Falcone carpenters are experienced at replacing all components of your floor system, including bandsill, girders, joists and subfloor.

What is a Bandsill?

Known by many names – band, band joist, rim joist, band board; sill, sill plate, mudsill – these important structural members run along the perimeter of your home.

What are Girders?

Drop girders and beams hold the center of your house together, typically run parallel to your band, support your joists and sit on a piering system that carries key loads throughout your home.

What are Joists?

Joists are 2x material that run perpendicular to your girder and carry your live or daily load (furniture, people, etc.).

What is a Subfloor?

The first horizontal layer of wood, usually in plywood sheets, is called subfloor.

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