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How To Get Rid of Fungal Growth In Your Crawl Space

You might need to figure out how to get rid of fungal growth in your crawl space at some point. Crawl spaces are areas of the house that don’t get a lot of attention, with many homeowners not knowing about the purpose they serve.

When you have fungal growth, you need to deal with the fungal growth and underlying moisture issues that contribute to the fungal growth. A crawl space contractor can help you deal with both issues.

How Does Fungal Growth Cause Illness?

Fungal growth does not present a health issue by itself. The airborne spores that often build up are the cause of illness for people, triggering something similar to an allergic reaction.

When fungal growth is in a beneficial environment, it will multiply and can persist for years. Residents might breathe spores in for years before they realize the severity of the problem and do something about it.

Does Ventilation Help Get Rid of Fungal Growth in Your Crawl Space?

When you need to get rid of fungal growth in your crawl space, good ventilation will help. Although poor ventilation isn’t the cause of every case of fungal growth, the quality of your ventilation could determine how quickly you get rid of the fungal growth and whether it comes back.

A quality ventilation system like ATOMX will help direct the crawl space air outside the home. Fungal growth has a strong chance of cross-contamination if the air reaches other areas of the home, making the living areas uncomfortable.

What Method is Best for Cleaning Up Fungal Growth in Your Crawl Space?

When a contractor uses a safe fungal growth killer, you can feel more confident about your family’s well-being. Falcone Crawl Space uses a peroxide-based solution that effectively kills fungal growth without jeopardizing your household’s health.

Cleaning up fungal growth will help keep the air in your home safe to breathe. You won’t have to worry as much about allergies or other respiratory symptoms without fungal growth being in your crawl space.

Another advantage of cleaning up fungal growth is that it is unsightly. If you decide to put your home on the market at some point, you won’t need to worry about buyers being put off by evidence of prior fungal growth.

Keeping Fungal Growth from Returning is Essential

Removing fungal growth without addressing the source ensures that the fungal growth will return. One of the best ways to keep the fungal growth from coming back is to opt for encapsulation.

After encapsulation, you might want to consider the benefits of installing a dehumidifier. Crawl space contractors install dehumidifiers specifically designed for the unique needs of crawl spaces.

Is Fungal Growth Remediation Worth the Cost?

When you consider the risks to your health versus the cost of fungal growth remediation, getting rid of the fungal growth is your best choice. Your home will be a much more pleasant place to live in when you don’t have to worry about fungal growth.

Removing the fungal growth is easily worth the cost, as well as preventing the fungal growth from returning. The preventative measures are effective enough that you’re unlikely to have to deal with the fungal growth again.

Having an inspection is one way to combat fungal growth and any other issues that you’re facing with your crawl space. The solution to the issues that you’re facing may cost less than you realize.

Removing the fungal growth, preventing it from returning, and addressing other issues are of major importance. Because these issues are so important, you will want to make sure you use the right contractor for the job.

Falcone Crawl Space specializes in all kinds of crawl space repairs and services. Contact us if you need to know how to get rid of fungal growth in your crawl space.