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Signs You May Have Fungal Growth In Your Crawl Space

You may have fungus growing in your crawl space if the area is poorly ventilated or maintained. Fungal growth is easy to overlook until it becomes a serious problem because of its resemblance to dirt.

Having a contractor resolve your fungal problem as soon as possible is crucial. Read on to learn more about the signs of fungal growth to watch out for.

Do You Have Musty Smells in Your Crawl Space?

One of the earliest signs of fungal growth in a crawl space is a musty smell. This problem is most common in crawl spaces with poor ventilation or insulation.

If you notice a smell, it’s important to not brush it off as “just being a basement smell.” Your best bet after enticing a smell is to contact a crawl space contractor to have this area inspected.

Moisture Often Leads to Fungal Growth in Your Crawl Space

Any type of moisture, including condensation, can lead to fungal growth in your crawl space. Remediation measures are essential, as well as preventative measures.

Controlling the moisture at its origin or improving your ventilation can help keep fungal growth out of your crawl space. Some of the measures that are the most helpful include:

  • Installing drains
  • Using a dehumidifier
  • Installing gutters and downspouts

Air leaks are another major contributor to excess moisture. Encapsulating your crawl space to restrict this air movement is a helpful way to keep moisture that leads to fungal growth out of your crawl space.

Higher Utility Bills May Indicate Fungal Growth

Have any of your utility bills been higher than usual? Leaks in the ducts for your HVAC system can cause hot or cold air loss, making your system have to work harder and also keep the air more moist.

However, water leaks are more likely to contribute to fungal growth than air leaks alone. If you have a leak that you don’t notice right away, a higher water bill than usual might be your first sign of trouble.

Sometimes, the worst water leaks occur behind walls. When this is the case, your roofing and gutter contractor will need to make sure everything has been dried out before further steps are taken.

Pests Are Also Possible Signs Fungal Growth Might Be Present

Although not strictly related to mold, the presence of pests could be an indicator that fungal growth is present. Crawl spaces that can attract pests easily can also attract water, increasing the chances of fungal growth being present.

Rainwater and runoff that don’t properly drain away can get into holes left by pests. If enough water penetrates these openings over time, it can cause more damage and make fungal growth easier.

Allergies Are a Major Indicator of Fungal Growth In Your Crawl Space

One of the strongest signs of fungal growth is worsened allergy symptoms. Fungal spores cause a reaction in the body similar to other allergic reactions.

Fungal growth can be particularly harmful to asthma patients, as well as others with breathing issues. Because symptoms from fungal growth worsen over time, prompt care is essential.

Routine crawl space inspections and overall awareness can help prevent you from having a lot of problems with fungal growth. The sooner you get rid of the fungal growth, the sooner everyone will benefit from it.

You’ll save money in the long run by getting rid of fungal growth before it causes more damage. Using contractors with extensive experience in crawl space issues will help ensure a better outcome.

Falcone Crawl Space can help homeowners with a full range of crawl space issues, including those caused by fungal growth and similar substances. Contact us today if you have fungal growing in your crawl space or similar issues.