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Rain Pain – Spring Rain Brings Crawl Space Pains

While the cold dry grip of winter loosens its grasp on the Carolinas, and we start seeing the first signs of spring with the blooming of daffodils, forsythias, and redbuds, we’re happy to say “April showers bring May flowers’’. We also welcome the warm up that accompanies the lengthening of days and the annoying loss of an hour with daylight savings time. We know warmer weather and longer days are near, and it’s a great time of the year to clean the yard and house of the winter blues with the traditional spring cleaning.

While Spring is a beautiful season for blooming flowers, warmer weather, and longer days, it also ushers in spring rains and then, summer storms. All the rain could be wonderful for your flowers, but it could silently be wreaking havoc on your home’s foundation. Assuming you have well-kept gutters, buried or surface downspout extensions, a positive grade away from your home’s foundation, a functioning foundation drain, and sit at the top of a hill, you might be lucky to be part of the 5% of homeowners that can embrace and welcome the spring wet season without much concern. However, the previous conditions are unfortunately not most Carolinian’s situation.

The rainy season brings headaches that drain the joy of the season, and of your wallet as well. Seasonal rains tend to find a way into the forgotten crawl space of your home, and may cause funky smells, foundation settling problems, critter invasion, and dreaded wood rot. As a homeowner, you want none of these situations, but the good news is that if these issues are caught early enough, then serious damage can be avoided and maintenance work can be all that may be required.

If doing regular maintenance doesn’t stop water intrusion in your crawl space, there are several things Falcone Crawl Space can help with. First, we can look at the gutters and see if they need replacement. We can install a new large capacity 6-inch system and extend the downspouts which often resolves the problem. If there is water still coming into the crawl space, an interior french drain with a sump pump could be a great solution to quickly capture and remove water. Our highly trained team of crawl space technicians can often install a french drain system in a day or two. Also, grading and drainage improvements are a good step to control outside water from coming into your home. Whether this be a yard drain or a catch basin, the team at Falcone Crawl Space can help capture and redirect the water for you.

Other great options to redirect water can be to cut in a permaculture swale or re-grade the yard around the home. This type of work is best performed by an experienced landscaper who has the experience and knowledge to replant shrubbery and get the grass to grow after reconfiguring the yard’s layout. For landscape professionals you can click here.

We understand there is nothing more irritating and worrisome than realizing there is water in your crawl space. Homeowners battle water intrusion in their basements, crawl spaces or downstairs rooms consistently – this is not a new problem, and you are not alone! Checking, cleaning, and adjusting these systems periodically can save you hefty expenses in the long run. Remember that water is smart! While we all think “water runs downhill,” really “downhill” means the path of less resistance, and water intrusion can be a challenge to identify if you are not familiar with what to look for. Here at Falcone Crawl Space we are experts in foundations and all the systems that could contribute to water intruding into your crawl space. We are here to help you resolve any foundation issues you may have!

A Falcone Crawl Space expert will be able to assess your crawl space and make specific drainage and waterproofing recommendations for your property. Contact us today at Falcone Crawl Space at 1-866-651-8989 to schedule your appointment today.