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Fred Falcone becomes only National Certified Foundation Repair Specialist in the Carolinas

The National Foundation Repair Association has members from 19 states, but only one from the Carolinas has a nationally-certified foundation repair specialist on staff. In April 2017, Falcone Crawl Space owner Fred Falcone traveled to Houston, Texas to take the NFRA exam and attend the organization’s annual conference.

The executive director of the association, Joe McCullough, says:
“The National Association for Foundation Repair is proud to announce that Fred Falcone of Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair has been entered into a growing field of Nationally CERTIFIED Foundation Repair Specialist in the U.S. The national foundation repair exam places the Falcone company in a prestigious membership category of “CERTIFIED SPECIALIST” who have gone well beyond common knowledge and hands on experience. Preparation for the national test takes months, subject knowledge and significant study to pass. When a consumer is searching and hoping to get a “qualified foundation repairman” off the internet vs. a (Chuck in a Truck Character) look for the “CERTIFIED SPECIALIST” in your area that knows what they are doing and can repair your home best.”