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Four Rules on Getting Pitch Perfect Foundation Repairs & Permits!

Do you need permits for structural foundation repair?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Why Are They Important?

Building permits for structural foundation repair are vital to a successful, compliant, and properly executed project. Repair projects are fickle and might be set up for a number of setbacks, and nowhere is this truer than in the permit process.  Skip a permit in hopes of a quicker, cheaper project, and you could be faced with real consequences.  If the job can’t be done quickly, at least you will sleep better at night knowing your foundation repair project is in full compliance with local codes —- and your family is safe.

First rule – Knowledge is Power. 

Be informed. Check with your local jurisdiction and verify what permits you’ll need. Permit requirements vary widely from municipality to municipality, even in the same state. Pulling a permit creates a record with the local municipality and ensures compliance with building code requirements. This is for your safety. You can read additional information on permits here. Depending on the scope of the project and the municipality’s procedures, a permit could be issued in a couple of hours or it could take several weeks involving lots of paperwork. Some cities and counties require that you first obtain a bond before you can obtain a permit, and there can also be state requirements requiring certain license requirements before repairs can start. A quality contractor will be aware of the rules and requirements necessary to pull a permit, comply with local laws and regulations, and know the proper steps and timing for obtaining an inspection.

Second Rule – Ensure Licensing

When hiring a contractor verify the company is licensed to perform the work you are requiring.  You can check if a contractor is licensed by calling (919) 571-4183 or clicking this link.

Third Rule – Carefully Hire A Contractor

You do your online research, and contractor X seems to be the cheaper price. Fair enough, but keep in mind the saying: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin. If a contractor says “you don’t need permits or you can pull these yourself and save money”, this is a red flag, but since you did your homework, you will already know to steer clear.

A line for “permit costs” on your quote doesn’t mean compliance.   Beware there may be some contractors that will tell you they will pull permits, but really never do. Your next question is, so how do I know and what do I do? Ask your contractor to provide you with a copy of these permits.  If you hire them and don’t get a copy, you should halt the job till these permits are produced. You do not want to be stuck with handling any future repercussions a non-permitted job may bring.

Fourth Rule – You May Need an Engineer – Ensure They Are Whom They Say!

For structural foundation repairs, you might need an engineer.  The North Carolina Engineering Board has guidelines as to when it would be necessary to retain the services of a Professional Engineer. You can follow this link to view the North Carolina Board of Engineers requirements for the foundation repair industry.

We at Falcone Crawl Space will advise you if you need an engineer to evaluate your home, and can recommend some through our Engineer Finder Form. We will help ensure that whatever company/contractor you choose isn’t leaving the design and repair of your foundation up to a commissioned sales person.  They don’t have the required knowledge and expertise, and this salesperson might have their best interest on their “wallet”, and not on that of your home.

Regardless of your situation, a reputable contractor will insist on following the proper procedures for foundation repair and will recommend hiring an engineer when it is necessary. The contractor should confirm their licensing and provide you with a copy of all building permits from the proper authorities.

Hiring Falcone Crawl Space for your foundation repairs will provide you the peace of mind you deserve.  We are committed to quality work, honesty, integrity and superior customer service – this is our inspiration, and these values, our mission.  We will go the extra mile in not only making your repair project successful, but also compliant and hassle-free.  Please contact us today and schedule your no obligation foundation repair quote by calling 1-866-651-8989 or emailing us at [email protected].