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Do I Need Crawlspace Wood Beam Replacement for my Crawl Space?

Crawlspace wood beam replacement is something you might not require but is good to be aware of just the same. One of the things that many overlook about crawl spaces is the structural issues that might be present. The presence of structural problems in this part of your home may signal a larger problem requiring attention.

As with everything else, home repair-related knowledge is power when you need to replace wood beams in your crawl space.

Why Do Crawl Spaces Have Wood Beams?

Because crawl spaces are an important part of a home’s structure, they require support. The wood beams help provide needed support for the floor. Although other materials are available, wood is usually the easiest type to replace in most homes.

However, wood is far from perfect as beam material. These beams require a careful placement to make sure they perform as expected. Sometimes, homes constructed by contractors without sufficient experience have issues that will require eventual correction.

What Construction Errors Account for Crawlspace Wood Beam Replacement?

Some of the construction errors that are common reasons for crawlspace wood beam replacement include:

  • Improperly shimming a damaged beam
  • Replacing the original with a smaller beam
  • Using new lumber to sandwich the beam
  • Using 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 beams rather than the original material

The right sizing and proper installation are essential for your beams. Proper shimming and ground clearance will increase the chances of the beams performing as expected. The rest of the structure is supported if these are installed properly.

What Are Signs of Termite Damage or Wood Rot in Support Beams?

Beams affected by either termites or wood rot require full replacement in most cases. The replacement beam should be the same size as the original and might require extra support. If the beams are an inappropriate size, further structural problems are a possibility you’ll need to think about.

Encapsulating the crawl space is often recommended, along with repairs for the underlying causes. The crawl space must stay dry to keep rot or termites from becoming an issue.

What About Sagging?

High moisture can lead to a support beam sagging. Replacing the beam is appropriate if damaged and unlikely to remain stable over a longer term. For extra support, reinforcement with support columns or piers is a possibility that will decrease the chances of your beams having further issues with sagging.

Also worth noting is that if your beams have support columns, these can sink over time. The usual culprit is soil movement, which causes the piers to start sinking into the soil. Addressing your drainage issues should put a stop to most of this deterioration.

How to Make Sure It’s Done Right the First Time

There are many reasons these types of repairs cannot be DIY jobs, the precise measurements and spacing required being among them. If these components are not prepared properly, they may ultimately fail. When your foundation and the crawl space structure are in good shape, your house will be in good shape overall.

Choosing a company that specializes in crawl spaces will help ensure that you get your money’s worth. Contractors who perform this type of work all the time know how to deal with any unforeseen circumstances that may not occur to a homeowner.

Falcone Crawl Space has the level of experience that you need for your foundation, including having your wood beams replaced. Contact us today with any questions and to learn more about crawlspace wood beam replacement.