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Do We Need Crawl Space Sump Pumps in the Carolinas?

Crawl space sump pumps can play a vital role in preventing foundation water damage. Homes in the Carolinas are subject to different conditions that lead to potential drainage problems and flood damage. Having sump pumps installed can minimize or prevent many of these problems.

When you are thinking of having a sump pump put in, it helps to have as much information as possible. Making an informed decision helps ensure that you get the most out of your pump.

How Does Water End Up in Your Crawl Space?

Although there are various causes for water in crawl spaces, it’s most important to know what the underlying cause of the water is. Drying out the crawl space is an important first step, but you will need to go deeper to find out why the water is there.

When you have a professional inspect your crawl space, you will know why your crawl space is wet or humid and what you need to do. If you know the underlying cause, you can make sure it’s fixed correctly. The Carolinas have weather conditions that often make sump pumps a good idea for your crawl space.

If your home has expansive clay soil coupled with overflowing gutters, you may end up with groundwater in your crawl space. Overly saturated soil can be a problem during hurricane season when heavy rains come inland.

North and South Carolina have a lot of older homes that may have issues with plumbing. When homes have issues with plumbing fixtures being broken or loose, leaks will often cause water in the crawl space.

Can Humidity Lead to a Need for Crawl Space Sump Pumps?

Crawl space sump pumps are an important line of defense against moisture damage, which is common in the Carolinas. Moisture can account for some of the worst damage your house will see. When your home is exposed to too much moisture, wood rot is an issue, and pests causing further damage will find things more hospitable.

Many types of insects are attracted to dark, moist places, as well as rodents that carry disease. Property damage from these pests may even become severe enough to make the property temporarily unlivable.

If your crawl space is humid, this may also affect your utility bills. The humidity can leak out of the crawl space and into our living area, requiring more effort for the HVAC system to keep everything cool.

How Do Sump Pumps Help in This Situation?

Sump pumps send the water from the crawl space and away from the house to minimize damage. Ideally, you should consider having a sump pump installed before any damage as a preventative measure. Any home that has a crawl space should have a sump pump because of the chances of water infiltration.

When you have a sump, you’ll need to keep it maintained to ensure that it does the job properly. Testing the pump to ensure functionality before it becomes necessary is always ideal.

Pouring water into the sump pump pit can activate the pump, so you’ll see how it’s working. You can also ensure that the valves and pipes in the pump are working right.

In addition to having a functional sump pump, you’ll want to consider the benefits of having your crawl space encapsulated. This process helps waterproof your crawl space and seal out water that might enter your home.

Are You Ready for Sump Pump Installation?

If you’re ready to have a sump pump installed in your crawl space, you are making a wise choice. A crawl space specialist, such as the pros at Falcone Crawl Space, can help you make the right choice. Contact us for assistance with crawl space sump pumps.