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The Award-Winning Falcone Team

Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair is a family-owned business specializing in crawl space repair and other structural repair services throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

Crawl space repair is our specialty, including band sill, girder, joist and sub-floor replacement, pier support installation, vapor barrier and floor insulation installation, helical pier installation and other foundation repair services. We also have crews dedicated to drainage and waterproofing, including sump pump installation, interior drains, exterior drains, French drains and downspout extensions.

Whether you have termite damage, water damage or dry rot, Falcone Crawl Space can replace you home’s rotted beam. Termite-damaged and moisture-damaged wood is common here in the Southeast, but Falcone Crawl Space can help.

Are your floors settling? Shaking, uneven, sloped floors can be fixed with additional floor supports or a shim & adjust service from Falcone Crawl Space.

Please contact Falcone Crawl Space today at (866)651-8989 to schedule a consultation and receive a free, written quote for structural repair services.

Crawl Space Repair News

Fall Training 2014

Our most recent “Team Day” took place at the NASCAR Hall of Fame! After a morning full of training sessions at the Falcone office, our team members competed in teambuilding challenges like a pit crew challenge and simulator race at one of Uptown Charlotte’s top attractions.

Melting Snow and Ice Can Affect Your Foundation

Joe from Falcone Crawl Space was interviewed by News14 in 2014. The reporter asked how melting snow and ice can affect your home, and Joe shared some helpful tips. Click this link to read about his interview.

Award-Winning Foundation Repair 2014

Falcone has earned 136 awards for foundation repair and waterproofing.

Best Places to Work Winner 2014

Falcone Crawl Space is a great place to work!
Even though it’s a “Dirty Job,” our dedicated crawl space repair team enjoys serving homeowners in NC, SC and GA. Based on an employee satisfaction survey, Falcone Crawl Space ranked 6th place at the Charlotte Business Journal’s 2014 “Best Places to Work” competition in November 2014.

Family-owned award-winning team ready to get dirty and provide an excellent repair experience.
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