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Meet our Award-Winning Team

At Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair, a job done right the first time and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. That’s why every member of the Falcone team completes an eight hour training class before their first day on the job site. We pride ourselves on a culture of excellence and our focus is on safety, customer service, and the values of the Falcone Company.

Each team member also receives training towards three mandatory certifications. Through hands-on training, additional classroom training and a quota of approved installations, they earn designations as Falcone Certified™ Pier Installer, Falcone Certified™ Vapor Barrier Installer and Falcone Certified™ Floor Insulation Installer. Additional certifications were created for team members who focus on drainage and waterproofing: Falcone Certified™ Interior Drain & Sump Pump Installer and Falcone Certified™ Exterior Drain Installer.

At Falcone Crawl Space, knowing just the steps to do the installation is not enough. We don’t just teach how to do the work, we teach why. Knowledge gives our team members the foundation they need to provide the consistent and quality service our customers expect.

We invite you to get to know the Falcone crew leaders, team members and support staff that make our company great.

On our YouTube channel you’ll find introductory videos about each Falcone crew leader and many other team members.

Here are some of our unscripted videos introducing the Falcone team:

Meet Ronnie

Charlotte native and fourth generation Charlottean, Ronnie Watkins has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. With experience that ranges from new home construction to fire restoration and water damage repair, Ronnie is an asset to both homeowners and the Falcone team. He keeps his written quotes simple, easy to understand and finds crawling under a house exciting…because you never know what you are going to find!
When Ronnie is not out crawling houses you can find him fishing and kayaking.

Meet Hayden

Meet Hayden, a native of Mt. Holly, North Carolina and crew leader and crawl space ventilation expert. When he’s not at work you’ll find Hayden playing with his daughter or on stage with his guitar.

Meet Dustin

An Ohio native, Dustin is a crew leader and a crawl space specialist who enjoys getting dirty and installing interior and exterior drains. When he’s not in the hole he can be found hiking and camping.

Meet Mike A.

This Massachusetts native and crew leader, Mike enjoys crawl space repair and isn’t afraid of snakes…something that is very important in this line of work! On the weekends you can find him with his wife and five kids or singing karaoke with his family.

Meet Erich

Crew leader Erich is our pier specialist. He estimates that he has built over 200 in his time with Falcone. When he’s not teaching his kids to build piers, you’ll find Erich hanging out at the lake and cooking for his family.

Meet Ian

A farm kid from North Carolina, Ian loves digging holes and singing while he works. Music is a big part of his life, and if you ask nicely, Ian just might serenade you!

Meet Nate

From Michigan, Nate knows that the key to being a great crew leader is to put the customer first and make the best of each job. If he’s not under the house you can find him spending time with family and riding motorcycles.

Meet Paul F

Paul hails from Mt. Holly, North Carolina and loves working for Falcone. If he’s not on the job site, getting dirty and working hard, you can find him hiking or doing something outdoors.

To reach the Falcone Crawl Space team, please call us at 866-651-8989.

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