Crawl Space Evaluation & Tune-Up

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Why not leave your crawl space repair and upkeep to the pros at Falcone Crawl Space? Call us at (866) 651-8989 to schedule your Crawl Space Evaluation & Tune-Up service. This service is offered throughout North and South Carolina.

Crawl Space Repair

For the past 12 years, Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair’s goal has always been to provide the best service, with the best value, using only the best materials when reparing your crawl space. Since 2006, we have been repairing foundations for homeowners across North and South Carolina. With over 250 service awards, an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and four “Best Places to Work” awards, Falcone has built a reputation as a trustworthy service provider and excellent employer. We’re a dedicated team that loves living the “crawl life,” and as customer’s needs have changed, so has Falcone! This is why we are now excited and proud to offer “Crawl Space Evaluation & Tune-Up” services.

Most often, customers contacted Falcone when their crawl spaces were already in need of repairs. It’s with these customers in mind that the “Crawl Space Evaluation & Tune-Up” service was created. Just like you take your car to get a “tune-up” every few thousand miles and take corrective action before small things become larger problems, now you have the opportunity to do the same with your crawl space. It is important that the crawl space in your home be checked periodically to ensure things are in good order. For example, one of the things that should be checked are the moisture levels and that these aren’t high enough to moisture damage your beams, which could create costly repairs down the line.

What Does The Crawl Space Evaluation & Tune-Up Service Include?
  • Falcone Crawl Space consultants can usually type and print a quote for a repair solution from their trucks.

    A crawl through of accessible areas of the crawl space

  • Check for signs of standing water
  • Inspect for plumbing leaks
  • Check moisture readings
  • *Inspect sump pumps
  • *Open or close foundation vents
  • Clean/Clear downspout extensions
  • *Replace standard size crawl space light bulbs
  • *Check/Clean vent wells
  • Inspect for wood-destroying insects
  • Check for condensation on duct work
  • Clean yard basins, as needed
  • Identify landscape issues that could interfere with ventilation
  • Confirm positive drainage around house
  • *Check integrity of vapor barrier
  • *Check hurricane strapping
  • Check integrity of crawl space odor
  • Five digital photographs
  • A printed custom report with findings and recommendations for crawl space repairs

*These items will be performed if applicable to your crawl space

Who Will Perform My Tune-Up?

One of our highly trained crawl space experts will visit your property.  They will assess, identify, and discuss any issues and make the necessary recommendations.

When Should I Get A Crawl Space Evaluation & Tune-Up Service?

No better time than today! The earlier we can service your crawl space, the faster we can head off costly repair bills. Call Falcone Crawl Space at  866-651-8989 to sign up or ask questions about our Crawl Space Evaluation & Tune-Up service.   

Can I Do This Myself?

We highly recommend that all homeowners inspect their crawl spaces, however, you may not have the time or desire to tackle this job.  Call us at 866-651-8989 to schedule your Crawl Space Evaluation & Tune-Up service. 

How Much Does The Tune-Up Cost?

Crawl space “tune-ups” cost $129.00, but can be credited towards any repairs.  **We run monthly promotions, so please ask our Customer Service team member what savings are available this month! 

Meet Your Tune-Up Technician

On the day before your tune-up, our friendly office team will give you a confirmation call and send you a video link to introduce your tune-up technician, like Carl:

What Is A Crawl Space?

Check out this hilarious video and find out how people on the streets of Charlotte answered the question “What is a Crawl Space?”

How do I sign up? We’re glad you asked! Give us a call at (866)651-8989 and we’ll be happy to get a Crawl Space Evaluation & Tune-Up scheduled for you.