Summerville Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

We are the South Carolina crawl space repair and foundation repair experts you need. Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair has been providing crawl space repair and structural foundation repair near Summerville for decades. Please call our award-winning, family-owned business for all of your structural repair & drainage solution needs.

Summerville Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

Summerville is a city with homeowners that take pride in their homes, and treat them as the considerable investments that they are. This means taking care of them aesthetically and structurally, making sure their investment is safe and able to grow in value. The first step in caring for a home or any other structure is ensuring that the foundation is stable and sound and that the crawl space is sealed and waterproof. 

While ensuring a healthy crawl space and foundation is crucial to keeping a home strong and stable, there isn’t much that the average homeowner DIY enthusiast can do. For many Summerville residents, this means choosing an expert local foundation repair company to partner with, who can ensure thorough inspections and expert repairs.

Summerville Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

Summerville and the surrounding areas make up an area known for warmth and water, and our particular climate presents specific challenges for the foundations and crawl spaces of area homes. This includes high amounts of shifting and settling in foundations and loss of waterproofing in crawl spaces. When you partner with the local experts at Falcone, they will be able to quickly and accurately diagnose any problems, as well as deploy potential repair solutions.

Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair is a family-owned company that has been providing Summerville residents with effective crawl space and foundation repairs and inspection duties since 2006. We strive to ensure each project has expert input and transparency from start to finish, and we’re the highest-rated crawl space company in the entire state. To make sure our customers have the information they need to make informed decisions, we offer a free consultation.

Hard work, honesty and getting the job done well are values embedded in our culture and our mission of offering every customer only the very best service – Falcone Crawl Space

Summerville Crawl Space Repair

While most homeowners will know if they have a crawl space or not, it’s common that only a small portion of those homeowners actually know how important that crawl space is to their homes. Not only do they need active, regular maintenance, but they may also need additional service or repairs from time to time. 

For the home to have the best chance of preventing energy loss and moisture intrusion, getting a professional crawl space repair company to inspect and service it is essential. Here are some signs that you may need professional help. 

Cold Floors

One of the most obvious signs that your crawl space isn’t sealed well, is a cold floor. The home’s thermal energy is sapped by the drafty crawl space, leading to constantly cooler floors. While this happens in the summer with AC as well, it’s easier to notice in the cooler months.

Higher Energy Bills

Since the home is losing energy to drafts and thermal transfer, the HVAC equipment has to work much harder to compensate. This leaves homeowners with energy bills that seem to grow and grow in the months when heat or AC is used. 

Musty Smells

Musty smells are generally an indication of mold or mildew somewhere. If you have been cleaning and still notice a musty or dank odor, you may have a moisture problem in your crawl space that you can smell from in the home. Have a professional inspect the space as soon as possible.

Summerville Structural Foundation Repair

Almost everyone knows that they need to have a home’s foundation inspected during the home-buying process, but a vast majority of homeowners never think about the foundation beyond that, unless there are problems. This can allow small issues to grow into larger ones and can force the homeowner to find a structural foundation repair company to fix them. Here are a few signs that your home may need professional attention.

Cracks In Plaster & Drywall

One of the earliest signs that a foundation may be shifting is that the paint, and eventually the drywall or plaster inside a home will begin to crack. If you notice cracks in your walls, it may be time to have a professional take a look at your foundation.

Sticky Windows & Doors

Windows and doors need a straight, square, level frame in which to be mounted, to perform optimally. If you’ve noticed that your windows and doors have become sticky or noisy, it may be a sign that your foundation is shifting. 

If There Are Drainage Issues

Homes with drainage issues in the landscaping around the home can expect to see water issues in the crawl space or foundation. In some cases, drainage can be added, other times the land needs to be graded more effectively.

Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair in Summerville

If you think it’s time to have a current foundation inspection, or if you have seen one or more of the signs we talked about here, it may be the perfect time to reach out to Falcone and schedule an appointment. We offer free consultations, and we’re happy to have one of our local experts answer any questions you may have. Contact Falcone today, and get started on keeping your foundation and crawl space healthy.