Greensboro Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

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Greensboro Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

Greensboro is a beautiful place to live, but it’s also home to residents and families that take pride in their homes, and in the appearance and value of their homes. Additionally, buying a home in Greensboro isn’t just buying a home in a wonderful place, it’s making a significant investment into making that place a home. An investment that many hope will provide a considerable return. To have the best chance for increased property value and durability, keeping the foundation and crawl space in good repair should be priority number one.

The foundation will keep the building’s structure solid and perfectly aligned, while the crawl space provides a crucial liminal space and vapor barrier for the home, while also acting as a windbreak. To keep these components in their optimal condition, area homeowners would be best advised to partner with a trusted local foundation repair company to have a full, comprehensive inspection done.

Greensboro Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair is an award-winning, family-owned company that has been providing leading foundation repair and crawl space maintenance services to the residents of Greensboro since 2006. No matter the project size or scope, we are proud to stand behind everything we do, and it is this dedicated work ethic that has allowed us to become the highest-rated foundation repair company in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

Another reason that we have been able to provide such a valued service to area residents is that we’re locals, too. We understand the areas, the people, and the unique challenges of being in this industry in an area with such warm, wet, coastal weather. We have worked hard to become the region’s leader in providing crawl space service and foundation wall repair.

Hard work, honesty and getting the job done well are values embedded in our culture and our mission of offering every customer only the very best service – Falcone Crawl Space

Greensboro Crawl Space Repair

Crawl spaces are components of the home that are commonly overlooked, but they are very important to the overall energy efficiency and ventilation of the home. Many homeowners don’t pay much attention to their crawl space after they buy the home, and this can have devastating effects on the interior climate. Here are some common signs that your crawl space may need a professional like Falcone to come to provide service.

General Musty Smell

Musty smells are one of the primary indicators that your home has some hidden and potentially damaging moisture somewhere. The biggest challenge that many homeowners find, however, is that they cannot locate the smell. No matter how much they clean, it seems to come back. This can be a sign that your crawl space isn’t sealed against the home well enough, and is letting a musty smell seep up through the floor.

Finding Mold

Smelling some funk is one thing, but when you have visible signs of mold, there is a moisture barrier problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Professional testing will be needed to confirm what type of mold it is since many types are dangerous to humans. The removal process can also be complex, even for professionals.

Chilly Floors

One of the big signs that a home needs some attention to the crawl space is when the furnace is turned on in the fall or winter and the rest of the home warms up, the ground-level floors stay chilly. This is commonly due to a drafty crawl space that absorbs the floor heat, then dissipates it with the draft, wasting energy and money.

Higher HVAC Bills

The wasted HVAC energy isn’t wasted on chilly floors in the fall, it is stolen from the home year-round if the crawl space isn’t sealed well. This means you’re losing AC in the summer, and losing heat in the winter, and the whole time, your HVAC equipment is working harder, costing more in maintenance and repairs.

Increased Condensation In The Home

All homes have a little condensation, but if you have noticed that you get condensation in several areas of the home, it could be a sign that your crawl space is letting humid air into the home.

Greensboro Structural Foundation Repair

Many homeowners will read the inspection report when the foundation is inspected for a home sale, but rarely give it another thought. This can lead to serious unaddressed repair needs. If you notice any of the following signs of foundation damage in your home, be sure you schedule foundation wall repair as soon as possible.

Poor Drainage Around The Home

Homes on poorly-draining lots are often used to flooding and moisture problems, but this can take its toll on the foundation’s structure as well. The saturated soil can contribute many times the rated load limit for the concrete foundation, which can result in cracking from the force. Cracks in your foundation should be addressed immediately by a professional.

Sticky Doors & Windows

Everyone has a sticky window or creaky door in their home, but when you start seeing the problem get worse, or involve multiple doors or windows, it can be the result of foundation shifting. Doors and windows need a level, square frame to work smoothly, and a settling foundation doesn’t provide that.

Sagging Floors

As the foundation moves and settling become more serious, another sign that you may see is sagging floors. While the floors may not sag visibly, you’ll often notice that they are “softer” when walking out into the middle of a larger floor. This is a serious indication of foundation damage that needs to be addressed quickly.

Separating Walls

When your foundation moves enough, you may even see your walls begin to separate from the rest of the home. This is an extremely urgent problem that needs to be addressed immediately before the structure becomes unstable.

Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair in Greensboro

If you have started to see any of these signs in your home, or have been seeing them for some time, or if you simply want to schedule an inspection to become more aware of your foundation’s health, Falcone is here for you. Reach out today and speak with one of our local professionals to get you the information you need and schedule any service you may need.