Charlotte Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

We are the North Carolina crawl space repair and foundation repair experts you need. Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair has been providing crawl space repair and structural foundation repair near Charlotte for decades. Please call our award-winning, family-owned business for all of your structural repair & drainage solution needs.

Charlotte Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

Charlotte is a city full of history and beauty, and homeowners in the city and surrounding areas take pride not only in the appearance of their homes but in their value as well. Individuals and families that choose to make Charlotte their home are investing a lot in that choice, and one of the keys to keeping that investment growing in value is keeping it looking good and structurally sound.

The most effective way for a homeowner to commit to keeping their structural foundation and crawl space in optimal condition is to partner with one of the leading local repair contractors. Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair can make sure you have the knowledge you need about your foundation’s health and can help create solutions for issues that will eventually pop up over the years. We’re going to take a look at a few of the signs that might tell you that you need to talk to a professional, and ways that professional might keep your home comfortable and protected from worsening damage.

Charlotte Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

Anyone in the Charlotte area can understand how our unique climate can present some significant challenges for homeowners hoping to keep their basement or crawl space dry and healthy. The warm, moist conditions that rarely let up create what’s known as a heavy “soil load” on your foundation. This soil load is the pressure of the saturated soil on the outside of the foundation, and in some cases, that soil load is enough to crack the foundation. The experienced team at Falcone will be able to help determine what the cause is and build an effective solution for that specific home.

Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair is a family-owned company that has been providing industry-leading service and solutions to Charlotte residents for years. We’re able to help diagnose the problems reliably, without having to guess at what’s causing your symptoms, then we create an individualized repair plan based on the unique needs of your foundation or crawl space. Our team is ready to answer any questions about the process and can get you scheduled for a free consultation at your convenience.

Hard work, honesty and getting the job done well are values embedded in our culture and our mission of offering every customer only the very best service – Falcone Crawl Space

Charlotte Crawl Space Repair

Many homeowners aren’t aware that their crawl space needs to be inspected and serviced just like any other common component of the home, like siding or the roof. They require active maintenance, and if neglected, they can severely impact the air quality and energy efficiency of the home. For this reason, it’s essential to maintain a properly waterproofed crawl space, and to call in a professional if you can’t do it alone. Look for either of the two following signs that your crawl space needs help, then call Falcone. 

Lower Energy Efficiency

One major symptom that you need crawl space work is when you notice a substantial reduction in your energy efficiency or a considerable increase in your HVAC utility bills. Your crawl space is beneath your floor, and this means you’ll lose lots of your heating and cooling through air exchange with that space.

Musty Odors

One of the more frustrating things that can indicate you need crawl space service is encountering smells that you can find, like musty odors. These are commonly a sign that your crawl space has a mold or mildew problem, which means it’s having problems maintaining its waterproof seal. In most cases, this smell is merely from the wet or mildewing insulation, but occasionally it can be from the building materials like the wood, that have been previously exposed to water. In some cases, it can also be from waste left by animals or pests that have found their way in.

Charlotte Structural Foundation Repair

Some homeowners only think about their home’s foundation when it’s time to go through the home-buying process, but after that never give it another thought. While this may not seem, at first glance, like a problem, it allows small problems which develop naturally, to go unaddressed, growing progressively worse over time. This can lead to even more serious foundation issues, so it’s always best to work with professional foundation repair contractors for the project. Here are two signs that your foundations may have shifted, indicating the need for repairs. 

Sticking Windows & Creaking Doors

Doors and windows rely on the structure they’re installed in to be level and plumb, and if this isn’t the case, it leads to stickiness or creakiness during operation. If you see this happening with more than one window or door, you likely have a serious issue.

Drywall & Plaster Cracks

An obvious, and early, sign that your foundation has shifted is that your interior building materials like plaster and drywall will begin to crack to separate. This is a common sign that is often ignored.

Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair in Charlotte

Getting a free consultation and full inspection of your foundation or crawl space can give you the information you need to act on small repairs before they become major ones. Reach out to Falcone today to talk about your needs.