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Falcone Attic Insulation Installation

Why Your Home Needs Attic Insulation Installation

Attic insulation installation matters more than many people realize. This is an upgrade that will not only positively affect your home’s value but also help you save on your heating or air conditioning bills.

Having your attic insulated is one of the wisest choices that you’ll make. Read on to learn more about what is involved and what to expect.

The Problem That Attic Insulation Can Fix

Does your home always feel a little drafty in the winter, even with the heat turned up? Are you running your AC more often than you think necessary during the summer?

The problem is most likely an improperly-insulated attic. When your attic lacks proper insulation, heat escapes during the winter and cool air during the summer.

Your home will not only be less comfortable during extreme weather, but you’ll also spend more on your utility bills. The HVAC system in your home will need to work harder 

Adding insulation helps prevent heat loss in the winter and a loss of cold air from your AC in the summer. After you have the insulation installed, you’ll be able to enjoy more comfortable home temperatures.

Is Attic Insulation Installation Performed by Experienced Installers?

It’s important for attic insulation to be performed by professionals who understand the whole process. When you use Falcone Crawl Space, you’ll have the assurance that we can insulate your attic as well as perform other essential services.

All attic insulation installers at Falcone are certified. By using only certified professionals, we can make sure the job is done right.

We also use Thermal Acoustical Pest Control (TAP) insulation for greater protection and comfort. This insulation offers many unique benefits that make it worth the time and expense.

What Makes TAP Insulation Stand Out from the Competition?

There are many types of insulation used for attics. However, very few offer the revolutionary features that make them stand out from their competition.

TAP Pest Control Insulation is one of those insulation brands that stand out. This unique brand contains a pesticide and is also eco-friendly for a great overall value.

The pest control is borate-based, repelling destructive pests without being a safety hazard to your family. Another great feature is that the cellulose material is made from 87.5% recycled paper, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

How New Insulation Helps You Save

TAP Pest Control Insulation can help enhance your home’s thermal envelope. The thermal envelope separates your home’s inside and outside air, giving it a key role in keeping your home heated or cooled.

Your monthly heating and cooling costs are likely some of your home’s largest expenses. Depending on your home’s age and the age of your HVAC system, keeping your house in a comfortable temperature range could be very expensive.

Your new insulation will help keep air from escaping the attic area, allowing the rest of the home to remain at a more comfortable temperature level. You won’t need to think about adjusting your thermostat as much to keep up with temperature fluctuations.

The added pest control will help you potentially save on exterminator costs. Using an exterminator can become very expensive, making a more proactive approach to pests better.

By keeping pests out, you can also avoid damage from wood-boring insects. This type of damage can become very costly, so you’ll benefit from preventing it in the first place.  

There are many benefits to having new insulation added. The sooner you take the initiative, the sooner you can enjoy these benefits.

Falcone Crawl Space Attic Insulation Installation
Needs Attic Insulation Installation
Attic Insulation Installation

Losing heat in the winter? Running your AC too often in the summer?

Falcone Crawl Space can insulate your attic for you. Our attic insulation service is led by only Falcone Certified™ Installers and includes Thermal Acoustical Pest Control (TAP) insulation which protects your home and delivers comfort.

TAP Pest Control Insulation is a revolutionary insulation and pesticide in one that combines environmentally responsible borate-based pest control with cellulose insulation made from 87.5% recycled paper. TAP Pest Control Insulation enhances the home’s thermal envelope helping to reduce monthly heating and cooling costs for the life of the home.

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