Annual Maintenance Program
crawl space vapor barriers

Annual Crawl Space & Systems Maintenance Program

At Falcone, we are committed to ensuring that your crawl space is healthy and all related equipment is functioning and properly maintained. As a valued Falcone Customer, we wanted to let you know that we are now offering an annual inspection to maintain your crawl space and systems that we have previously installed. Doing annual maintenance ensures the longevity of your system and helps us catch anything new that might need to be addressed. Call us at (704) 719-1198 to schedule yours today!

Our crawl space maintenance will include:

  • Inspect all accessible areas of the crawl space

  • Check for signs of standing water

  • Inspect for plumbing leaks

  • Check wood moisture levels

  • Check humidity levels

  • Open/close foundation vents as needed

  • Check for crawl space odor

  • Identify landscape issues that could interfere with ventilation

  • Confirm positive drainage around house

  • A minimum of five digital photographs

  • A printed custom report with findings and recommendations for crawl space repairs

  • Check integrity of vapor barrier (if applicable)

  • Check hurricane strapping (if applicable)

 If you have a dehumidifier: 

  • Verify settings

  • Clean filters

  • Clean condensation pump

  • Check condensation line

 If you have a sump pump:

  • Inspect check valve and change if needed

  • Check plunge switch

  • Clean out basin debris

 If you have an Atmox system:

  • System Check

  • Fan Check

  • Control Unit Check

Located in the Carolinas? In need of Annual Maintenance Program? Contact us at (704) 719-1198 or Contact Us