Monroe Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

We are the North Carolina crawl space repair and foundation repair experts you need. Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair has been providing crawl space repair and structural foundation repair near Monroe for decades. Please call our award-winning, family-owned business for all of your structural repair & drainage solution needs.

Monroe Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

When you buy a home in Monroe, you aren’t just finding a nice place to live, you’re making an investment into a beautiful asset that you hope will grow in value over the years. To grow in value, that asset must be protected and kept in good repair, and one of the biggest components of that is keeping the foundation or crawl space well-sealed and free of excess moisture. Failing to do that can lead to significant problems over the years, up to and including structural damage to your home itself, and it can all start with tiny issues that you may not even notice until a formal inspection.

To get the most detailed and transparent inspection of your crawl space or foundation, you need to partner with an expert local foundation repair company like Falcone. We can be your trusted local resource for staying up to date on the overall condition and health of your foundation or crawl space. 

Monroe Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair is a local, family-owned company that helps the residents and families of Monroe and the general Charlotte metro area keep their homes in the best condition possible. We stand behind all of our work, no matter the size or scope of the project, and because of that, we have become an award-winning crawl space and foundation company. Over the years we have also expanded to serve residents across both of the Carolinas. 

As the highest-rated structural foundation repair and crawl space company in North Carolina, we’ve been serving area residents and families since 2006. This has allowed us to become one of the leading experts on waterproofing and service for your foundation and crawl space.

The climate of Monroe and our general region makes a very challenging environment for many homeowners to keep dry and well-sealed crawl spaces and foundations. Since our region is generally relatively warm and moist, there are some inherent challenges to keeping homes from eventually suffering structural damage. No matter what your inspection or service needs are, we’re committed to helping you meet your home’s foundation repair needs with minimal hassle and stress. 

Hard work, honesty and getting the job done well are values embedded in our culture and our mission of offering every customer only the very best service – Falcone Crawl Space

Monroe Crawl Space Repair

Many homeowners have their crawl space or foundation inspected once before they buy a home, and then never give it another thought, until there’s a problem of course. This is one of the biggest mistakes that a homeowner can make because of losing track of or neglecting to fix smaller issues in foundation walls or crawl spaces as soon as they are noticed. Here are some of the common signs that you may need a professional like Falcone to come out and inspect your crawl space.  

Chilly Flooring

Once the cooler months roll around, most of us are pretty glad that we have heat. However, when your crawl space isn’t sealed well, you may notice that even with the heat going, your floors remain chilly or even cold. This happens when your crawl space isn’t sealed and allows excess drafts from the outside. These drafts sap the heat from your floor and result in chilly toes.

Funky Smells

It’s probably happened to everyone at some point: there’s a distinct, musty, dank smell and you just can’t quite locate where it’s coming from. You’ve cleaned under the sink, in cabinets, and more, and can’t find the source. This is often because the smell is originating from mold or mildew in your crawl space, and if that’s the case, you will need to contact a local professional to come and address the issue.

Visible Mold

If you have come across visible mold, there is a good chance that you either have an internal plumbing leak or you have a drafty and poorly-sealed crawl space. Mold requires a dark, moist, and preferably semi-warm location in which to grow, and if you see some, there is definitely more. Get a pro to take a look, some molds can create significant health hazards for anyone living in the home, and they can be costly to remediate as well.

Dropping Energy Efficiency

Your crawl space and foundation act like thermal barriers between your home and the elements. If they aren’t sealed against moisture and air where possible, your home may see a drastic loss in HVAC energy efficiency. Your heater and air conditioner will both work harder to do the same work since you’ll be losing a significant portion of your heat and air to the drafts of your crawl space. If you’ve noticed higher energy bills or increased repair frequency you may want to get a professional to investigate your crawl space. 

Monroe Structural Foundation Repair

The foundation of your home is an incredibly important component of its construction. It is not only responsible for keeping your home supported, level, and square, but it acts as a barrier between your home and the ground below. Here are a few signs that you may need someone like Falcone to come service or repair your foundation.

Drainage Issues Around Your Home

If you’ve noticed that the area around your home has poor drainage, it may be a sign that your foundation has been under the effects of excess moisture for some time already. This can result in cracks, mold, and early settling of the soil beneath the foundation. A foundation repair company can help you properly grade your property to drain water away from the home and repair the damage that has been done already.

Sticky Windows & Doors

If a foundation has settled and is either damaged or no longer level, one sign you may see in your home is the increased challenge of smoothly operating doors and windows. While this can also be a result of excess humidity, either way, it will be best inspected by a professional to determine if moisture intrusion or structural damage is to blame.

Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair in Monroe

If you have seen any of the signs we’ve talked about here, the sooner you speak with a professional, the sooner you can make sure your crawl space or foundation is repaired to keep your home safe and structurally sound.