Gastonia Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

We are the North Carolina crawl space repair and foundation repair experts you need. Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair has been providing greater Charlotte foundation repair services throughout the Carolinas for decades. Please call our award-winning, family-owned business business for all of your structural repair & drainage solution needs.

Gastonia Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

Homeowners in Gastonia have made a significant investment in their homes, and one of the best ways to ensure that investment is kept safe is to keep the foundation and crawl space in good repair. While those who have experienced foundation issues before can attest to the hassle and more importantly the expense of dealing with crawl space or foundation problems, those who haven’t yet may not appreciate the severity of letting issues go unaddressed. 

A great way to keep the foundation of your home in optimal shape is to partner with a local structural repair company and schedule an inspection as soon as possible. A trusted local resource like Falcone can help you stay fully informed about the health of your foundation and crawl space. They will help you identify existing problems, and can offer repair solutions that can help protect your home for many years to come. 

Gastonia Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair

Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair is a family-owned company that operates in Gastonia, providing the area’s leading crawl space and foundation repair services. We are proud to be an award-winning local company, and we stand behind the work we do for you. We are able to provide structural repair and crawl space work throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

The unique climate of Gastonia, such a wet & humid climate with soils, is one of the main reasons that keeping an eye on your crawl space and foundation is essential to keeping your home safe and structurally sound. We’re going to cover many of the signs or indicators that you might need crawl space or structural foundation repair. In the end, to help ensure you get a comprehensive and transparent estimate, we’ll point you toward a local authority in crawl space and foundation repair that can help you get the job done quickly and professionally.

Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair is the highest-rated crawl space repair company in the entire state of North Carolina. We have been serving area residents since 2006 and are the region’s leading experts on foundation and crawl space waterproofing. We’re able to help diagnose and repair nearly any residential or commercial foundation issue, and can have someone come out for a free consultation.

Hard work, honesty and getting the job done well are values embedded in our culture and our mission of offering every customer only the very best service – Falcone Crawl Space

Gastonia Crawl Space Repair

If you are a relatively new homeowner or have simply never had to service a crawl space or foundation you may not know what the leading signs are that you need someone like Falcone to repair your home. Here are some of the signs and symptoms that your crawl space needs to be repaired or sealed. 

Condensation On Windows

Finding condensation on the inside of your windows is a sure sign that there is excess moisture in your home that is able to condense on the window when cooled. While condensation on a single window can indicate the window isn’t properly sealed, condensation on multiple windows in different parts of the home can be a solid sign that you are having drafts and moisture entering your home.

Cold Floors

It’s no secret that each winter things cool off considerably, and while the temperatures outside will become much colder, the floors in your home shouldn’t do the same. Having floors that are cold to the touch on cold days is a sure sign that the crawl space under that floor isn’t sealed very well against the elements. This will allow cold air to penetrate your home.

Mold Growth

Another sign that your crawl space isn’t sealed as well as it should be, and one of the signs that could pose a significant risk to your health, is the occurrence of mold. Mold growth happens when there is an excess of moisture in areas that are dark and often slightly warmer than the ambient temperature. Mold has a smell that you may notice when it blooms, and some molds can create respiratory distress or fungal infections in those nearby.

Loss Of Energy Efficiency

One of the big signs that your crawl space requires repair or service attention is if you notice that you have to turn your thermostat up more to maintain the same level of comfort. This is a sign that your home is not sealed well against the cold, and it could be putting you at risk for expensive repairs. Heating equipment that is overworked due to a drafty home is more likely to need repairs.

More Pests

Every home has a few spiders, but seeing an increase in overall pest or insect activity is a sign that your crawl space needs attention. Most insects and other pests prefer crawl spaces because they are relatively warm, sheltered, dark, isolated, and even moist. While they will often stay within the crawl space, those with a need for repair may find that the bugs wander into the living space.

Dank & Musty Smells

If you have cleaned your home thoroughly and you still experience dank, musty, or mildew smells that you just can’t seem to locate, you may have a need for crawl space repair. Stop searching for a misplaced pair of gym shoes or old socks, and call a professional to come to take a look. In some cases, you may not have just a case of wet or moldy insulation, but you may have an excessive pest or animal waste as well. 

Gastonia Structural Foundation Repair

Another service that Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair specializes in is repairing structural foundations. If you feel like you may have a moisture issue with your foundation, we offer expert foundation wall repair. If you aren’t sure, here are some signs that you may need foundation repair.

You’ve Noticed Drainage Issues

If you have noticed that the area around your home has some drainage issues, particularly with landscaping close to the home, chances are good that you will have some form of excess moisture in your foundation walls. When water from rain or seasonal storms can’t drain away from your home properly, it accumulates around the foundation. This accumulation causes leaking, and can even cause cracking due to the additional weight of the water and the expansion of sodden earth.

Cracks Are Showing Up In Your Drywall

In high-humidity climates like ours, finding cracks in your drywall isn’t exactly a rare occurrence, but water damage from a leaky attic crawl space can also be to blame. However, if after some investigation you find that neither issue is contributing to your drywall issues, it may turn out that you are having some problems with your concrete foundation. The cracks won’t tell you your foundation is damaged, but they can be the impetus behind a more thorough evaluation.

Doors Develop Gaps Or Sticking

Doors are one of the first things to become affected when a foundation begins to shift. This can be visually confirmed if you have doors with large gaps at the top of the frame where no gaps had been previously, indicating that your foundation has settled to a large degree and will need repairs to level it out again. Having a door or two that are sticking when opened or closed is a sign of larger issues that many homeowners often overlook. While a sinking foundation can be fixed unless the root cause of the sinking is remedied the problem will return.

Your Windows Don’t Slide Smoothly

Just as with the doors in your home, the smooth operation of your windows depends greatly on your home’s walls and foundation being totally square and level. When your foundation begins to shift, one of the symptoms that will often manifest is an increased amount of sticking when operating windows in the home. Sticking windows can also be a sign that there is an elevated amount of humid air in the home, and it’s causing the window frames to swell or warp.

The Home’s Walls Are Bowing Or Separating

Wall separation can be caused by multiple causes, bowing from moisture is one, but separation due to shifting is another. Over time the soil around your home’s foundation will shift and settle, which will cause some parts of the foundation to require more support or leveling. When that leveling doesn’t happen, parts of the home can actually begin to separate from others, leading to signs like gaps between cabinets and countertops, or gaps between floors and walls. 

Your Floors Have Become Uneven

Unless you have a major roof leak, uneven or sagging floors can only mean foundation problems. If you find there’s a soft spot in your flooring, or that things that were previously level are no longer level, it may be time to have a professional inspect your foundation.

Crawl Space & Structural Foundation Repair in Gastonia

If you have started to see indications in your home that foundation or crawl space repair may be needed, repairs that happen before problems grow can save you untold sums of money in future work. Reach out today and speak with one of our local experts about your needs, and we’ll tell you how we can meet those needs and provide you with the repair solution you need,