Foundation Wall Repair

Rebuilding homes from the ground up

Foundation walls and footings are repaired or replaced by foundation wall specialists and are backed by a transferable warranty.

Foundation Wall being repairedFoundation wall repair and replacement is not for the novice. In order to get it right, keep it safe and minimize disruption to your life, call a specialist like Falcone. We believe that a Foundation Wall Specialist should learn all the ins and outs of a home’s systems, materials and soil, study building codes extensively and work with us on many foundation repairs before they can lead a foundation wall replacement.

Most foundation failures we find are due to inadequate drainage, soil conditions, sink holes, moisture, poor design or neglect.

Usually by the time a homeowner calls us, they have already seen the damage worsen over several years. Often we find dozens of jacks and multiple failed attempts to “band-aid” the situation during our evaluation. However, even in the worst cases we have seen, there is a solution for saving your foundation.

In almost all of our foundation wall replacement jobs, the homeowners are still able to live in the home and experience minimal disruption. When you begin to see any of these symptoms in your curtain wall, and live in the Carolinas please call us at (866) 651-8989 or Contact Us: thick cracks, new cracks, crumbling, bowing or leaning sections.