Falcone works with any licensed structural engineer in North and South Carolina (866) 651-8989

We work with any licensed structural or soil engineer in NC or SC.

Annual Beer Tasting Event

Structural engineers are invited to our annual Beer Tasting event on Thursday, April 27, 2017 from 4-7pm. We look forward to showing you around our new office and sampling some beer made in North and South Carolina.

Award-Winning Foundation Repair 2015

Falcone has earned 186 awards for foundation repair and waterproofing.

Best Places to Work Winner 2015

Falcone Crawl Space is a great place to work!
Even though it’s a “Dirty Job,” our dedicated crawl space repair team enjoys serving homeowners in NC, SC and GA. Based on an employee satisfaction survey, Falcone Crawl Space ranked 6th place at the Charlotte Business Journal’s 2015 “Best Places to Work” competition in November 2015.