Buyer’s Crawl Space Consultation

Before you buy a home, call your friends in crawl spaces! 866-651-8989

For 11 years, Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair’s goal has always been to provide the best service with the best value using only the best materials. We’ve always tried to make it as easy as possible for homeowners to do business with us. As customer’s needs change, so does Falcone; that’s why we now offer a Buyer’s Crawl Space Consultation service.

Often times, when customers call Falcone, it is when their crawl space is already in need of repairs, and they just bought the house. They didn’t know what problems lurked in the crawl space, or how they could have prevented them. It’s with these customers in mind, that the Buyer’s Crawl Space Consultation service was created in the first place.

Falcone Tune-up plan

One of our specially trained tune-up professionals

Before you buy a home, call the pros at Falcone Crawl Space. Call us at (866) 651-8989 to schedule you Buyer’s Crawl Space Consultation service. This service is offered throughout North and South Carolina.

What does the Buyer’s Crawl Space Consultation service include?

    • A crawl through of accessible areas of the crawl space
    • Check for signs of standing water
    • Inspect for plumbing leaks
    • Check moisture readings
    • Inspection sump pumps, as needed
    • Check foundation vents
    • Check downspout extensions
    • Check vent wells
    • Inspect for wood-destroying insects
    • Check for condensation on duct work
    • Clean yard basins, as needed
    • Identify landscape issues that could interfere with ventilation
    • Confirm positive drainage around the house
    • Check integrity of vapor barrier, if applicable
    • Check hurricane strapping, where present
    • Check integrity of crawl space door
    • A custom report
    • Five digital photographs

Crawl Space Tune-Up

Getting into your crawl space is easy and recommended!

Falcone Standing Water

Standing water can cripple your crawl space. The Buyer’s Crawl Space Consultation can detect water intrusion before it has a chance to cause damage.

Who will perform my tune-up? Our highly-trained tune-up team members who would rather prevent problems, than repair them. He can identify an issue, present the solution and perform the fix.
Falcone Crawl Space Buyer's Crawl Space Consultation

Each Buyer’s Crawl Space Consultation includes moisture readings of the entire crawl space.

When should I get a Buyer’s Crawl Space Consultation? Today! The earlier during the due diligence period that we can service your crawl space, the faster we can head off costly repair bills. Call Falcone Crawl Space at 866-651-8989 to sign up or ask questions about our Buyer’s Crawl Space Consultation service.

What is Falcone Crawl Space?

We’re a dedicated team that loves living the “crawl life.” Since 2006, Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair has been repairing foundations for homeowners across North and South Carolina. With over 250 service awards, an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and four “Best Places to Work” awards, Falcone has built a reputation as a trustworthy service provider and excellent employer.

How much does it cost? The Crawl Space Tune-Up service is $119. Any money paid for the Crawl Space Tune-Up can be credited towards repairs.

How do I sign up? We’re glad you asked! Give us a call at (866)651-8989 and we’ll be happy to get a Buyer’s Crawl Space Consultation scheduled for you.