ATMOX Crawl Space Ventilation System

Why is a ventilated crawl space better than an encapsulated one? (866) 651-8989

Regretting your closed crawl space?
Debating the options of sealing your crawl space or improving the ventilation?

The ATMOX Smart system is exactly that, smart.

An ATMOX CRAWLSPACE System installed by Falcone Crawl Space is designed to manage moisture in your crawl space. Not only does the ventilation system cost less upfront than a sealed crawl space to install, it costs far less to operate.

For most homes, the energy used when all the fans are running (they don’t run all the time) is about the same as a single light bulb. Compare that to a dehumidifier in a “sealed” crawl space and you will see an enormous difference in energy consumption.
How does the ATMOX CRAWLSPACE System work?

■The ATMOX CRAWLSPACE Systems place sensors inside the crawl space and outside to get temperature and humidity levels to effectively control the ventilation.

■Based on these readings and corresponding dew point calculations, the ATMOX CRAWLSPACE System will trigger fans accordingly allowing for moisture control.

■An optional dehumidifer can also be incorporated into the system for additional drying action if needed.

Learn more on the ATMOX site about re-venting your closed crawl space or installing a crawl space ventilation system or call Falcone Crawl Space today at 866-651-8989.

Click here to download a brochure about ATMOX installed by Falcone Crawl Space, or check out our gallery for Atmox installations in your area.